I Don’t Have to Be This or That.

Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, and that has also been holding me back from writing in this space, is the notion that “I can’t be this and say/do/be that.” What the fujek do I mean? Here comes the brain vomit…

I am a personal trainer who doesn’t set weight loss goals for my clients, nor do I encourage my clients to focus on their aesthetic. Instead, I want them to focus on how they feel in our sessions and how exercise can work with their bodies and their lifestyle, not against them. I also discourage dieting, but help my clients find a way of eating that, again, works for them. This means eating foods that they enjoy, while also keeping gentle nutrition in mind so that they don’t feel like crap. (I will get into gentle nutrition in a later post.)

As a future registered dietitian (RD), I am going to do the same: help my nutrition clients find freedom in what they eat and form a healthier relationship with food. No diet overhauls, food restrictions, or weight loss goals.

For a while now, I have formed this false dichotomy in my head that I can’t do both. I can’t be a non-diet RD and a personal trainer because personal trainers are stereotyped as body manipulators and weight loss coaches. And I can’t be both because non-diet RDs encourage intuitive movement and setting up scheduled personal training sessions isn’t technically intuitive in nature. Obviously, this is all some bullsh*t that I’ve made up in my head, based on fear of what people will think of a non-diet/intuitive eating RD who is also a personal trainer who writes training programs for her clients, and who participates in CrossFit workouts – GASP! (<– this will be another post very soon).

This is when I have to stop and remind myself: I am in charge of who I want to be. If I want to, I can be both as one. I can be the non-diet RD/personal trainer who helps ALL of her clients to find a better relationship with food and their body.

Breaking through this black and white thinking is essential to creating, or rather, uncovering, my authentic self. Being a hyphenated health professional breaking stereotypes is showing up fully and putting my values into action. For the longest time, I’ve held back and half-assed my passion and enthusiasm for what I do because I was afraid people wouldn’t approve of my approach. As as I type this all out, it sounds so silly. Like LOL silly. Who are these “people” I am so scared of?

F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal

So, here’s to putting my FULL, authentic self out there and not giving a f*ck. We were not meant to fit into perfect little stereotype boxes. The beauty of our lives is that we get to choose how we create them.


see you soon,




Blog Revamp

Hi there! (crickets? echoooo?) Since life has changed quite a bit since my last post, this little space of mine is getting a revamp, and hopefully a new domain name soon. Kit Kat Kate just doesn’t encapsulate what I want people to takeaway from my blog.

Anyway, life has changed, yet again. As it always does! Long story short, I ditched the nursing idea, and decided to finish my degree in dietetics that I started when I was at Purdue. Fast forward, and here I am in my LAST semester of University of Alabama’s Food and Nutrition distance program. I can’t believe how fast this second degree has gone! It helped that I had a lot of my prerequisites completed from my first degree. Now, I am just waiting to hear if I will be accepted into a 1200-hour internship, which will allow me to sit for the Registered Dietitian licensing exam. I am incredibly happy that I decided to pursue this career path. I think I had to wait until I was ready…the past couple of years I have had a lot of personal growth, a lot of which was going to therapy to fully recover from the psychological wounds that my eating disorder left. I still had a light hold on disordered eating. No matter how much I thought I was “fully” recovered, I will still tracking macros occasionally, not truly listening to my cravings (i.e.: intuitively eating), and moralizing my food choices.  I’ve heard people use the term “pseudo-recovered” to describe this and I believe that’s where I was at.  I also had very low self-worth, which is still a work in progress (isn’t it for almost everyone in our society these days??), but I am really proud to say that I am finally at a much healthier and happier place.

Getting to this more stable place has given me the creative spark to start writing on my blog again. I have a note on my phone where I’ve been collecting blog topics over the past couple of months. The hardest part has been sitting down to write out all of my thoughts. I still hold onto a bit of fear and doubt that what I write won’t be what others want to hear or even be of interest to them. I’ve realized that in order to get past these fears I have to:

1) let go of any expectation of this blog/what I write

2) let go of what people will think

3) JUST DO THE DAMN THING and write!

I guess you could say this is a step in the direction of letting go of self-doubt, fear, and perfectionism, which like to work in a little tandem, two- (three?) step dance in my brain on a regular basis. As much as I admit to being a recovering perfectionist, I haven’t done enough of the tough work to recover. Deep, internal self-love is hard, really hard. I can read all of the self-help books and listen to the podcasts I want. But, if I am not matching my thoughts and actions with my values (i.e.: to love myself as I am, without expectations or attachment to outcome), then change won’t occur.

With that being said, I don’t have an expectation of this blog space. I will write when I want to write. Some posts might be educational, some might just be my thoughts. Some might be about nutrition or exercise, while others will likely be about my life happenings. I want this space to be authentic and reflect who I am and what I value, while providing an avenue to connect with like-minded people.

Yay! It feels GOOD to be back.


HEB: We Got a Costco Membership

We’re back with another edition of Healthy Eating on a Budget! This week I am showing you our Aldi, Costco, and Target hauls. We caved and got a Costco membership since we are creatures of habit and eat a lot of the same stuff each week. They also have great deals on things like toilet paper, protein powder/bars, laundry detergent/dryer sheets, etc.

I mentioned in my last HEB post that we are shooting for $75/week. Since we got the Costco membership and plan on going every 2-3 weeks, our weekly trips will be more than $75 sometimes. So, I decided to set a monthly budget of $300. This includes all groceries purchased, including Costco groceries, but not items like toilet paper, shampoo, paper towels, etc.

Here’s what we got:

Aldi Total: $43.14


2 lbs brussels sprouts, 1 lb broccoli, 3 lbs sweet potatoes, 1 lb carrots, bananas, avocado


3 lbs chicken breast (on sale – $3 off each package!), 2 dozen eggs (.69 each!), cream cheese, 2 half gallons milk, brown sugar, raisins, lean ground beef


canned pumpkin, pancake mix, seltzer water, decaf coffee (for cold brew), whole wheat bread, 3 lbs apples (only 2.99!)

Costco Total: about $42


almond milk, 3 lbs cottage cheese, 2 lbs coffee beans, kale slaw salad mix, a crap ton of turkey bacon

Target Total: $7.67imag0710

Reese’s Puffs (haven’t had this in a LONG time), the best chocolate milk ever, and more bread because the loaf we bought at Aldi was disappointing. I like my bread hearty!

So, all in all, we spent $92.81. The goods we bought at Costco lasted us over two weeks, so I think less than $100 on two people for an Aldi haul, Costco trip, and impulse Target run (you know you do it too…) is pretty dang good! It also feels good to know that we are spending our money wisely on good, healthy food and we aren’t being wasteful. At the end of the week, the fridge starts to become barren and we are eating out WAY less (sometimes not even once a week), which saves us so much money. It’s really crazy how much money you can save by just being a bit more mindful of where you are shopping and doing some meal planning/prep. Maybe I will do a meal prep post soon to show you how we eat all of these goods!

Happy eating,


HEB: Shopping for Two on $75/week

Hi all! It’s been a few months, but I am bringing it back with another Healthy Eating on a Budget installment. This time, I am going to show you how my boyfriend, Joe, and I stick to a $75/week grocery budget. We are trying this out to see how if it’s realistic for us, as we eat quite a bit (lifting makes your metabolism strong!) and we like to eat well. You will see a lot of produce, lean meats, some dairy, and whole grains in our cart. Plus, a few “fun” items that we just can’t resist, and shouldn’t… because BALANCE. :)

Here’s half of our haul from last week. I went to Trader Joe’s on Friday, but forgot to snap a picture. I like to go to TJ’s for a few things like cauliflower rice, salad mixes, bread/tortillas, but I won’t go every week because I get suckered into buying things like COOKIE BUTTER. Oh em gee, guys. We are addicted. I swear it’s laced with crack. Someone get it away from us.

Anyway, back to talking about saving money, not gorging on cookie butter crack. I spent about $30 at Trader Joe’s, so that left us with $45 to spend at Aldi:


Total: $22.95! (Unpictured: 1.5 lbs chicken breast tenderloins)

We ended up being UNDER budget by about $20, which worked out perfectly because Joe also bought ingredients to smoke a turkey breast (about $20) that we ate on all week. I know this doesn’t look like a TON of food for two people, and it’s not. We make sure to use leftover food from the week before and pantry items. Joe had leftover chili for a couple of meals that we had in the freezer from a few weeks ago, the smoked turkey breast made a lot of meals (turkey nachos, quesadillas, salads, wraps), and I can eat eggs anytime of the day. Ha!

I hope that we can stick to $300/monthly. I’ve seen families (even up to 6 people!) eat on $600/month and eat well! It just takes some planning and creativity. Luckily, I don’t need fancy food to make my stomach happy. :) I also want to add that this budget doesn’t include household items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. And it also doesn’t include supplements like protein powder, protein bars (though, I need to reel that one in), and pre-workout/BCAAs. It’s not realistic to include those, as they are not a monthly purchase.

I’ll be back next week with another installment! Fingers crossed we can stay on budget!

Healthy Eating on a Budget Returns!

I’m bringing the grocery budgeting series back! It’s been over a year since I wrote a grocery haul/budget post and I have been wanting to return to it for a couple of reasons:

1) It keeps me in check with my current budget. It’s almost like a game to me when I am at the cash register and I ring up under or at budget. I get all giddy! The little things, people. After succeeding at meeting my budget, posting about it is just a little extra oomph and accountability. If I know I need to post about it, I will try my darndest to stay under/at budget!

2) I find it interesting what others buy at the grocery store, so maybe people will enjoy seeing my hauls and meals. That’s the the nosy little foodie inside of me. :) Let’s inspire each other to eat healthy and affordable!

See past Healthy Eating on a Budget posts here:

HEB: Introduction

HEB: Week 1

HEB: Week 2

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HEB: Week 4

I have a couple of hauls to post today, as I am playing catch up. I hope to have next week’s haul posted next weekend. I mostly shop at Aldi now for all of my grocery needs. It’s super cheap and they have a lot of natural/organic products – a lot of things resemble Trader Joe’s products (check out the peanut butter below!), but are a bit cheaper. That’s a win in my book because I am a sucker for TJ’s. If I can’t find something at Aldi, it’s probably not necessary to have. Though, there are a couple of items that I can’t live without, so an occasional trip to Kroger or Target will happen.


Produce: bananas, spinach, 1 lb mini bell peppers, 2 lbs nectarines, 2 avocados, 1 seedless cucumber, 3 zucchini

 Dairy: 1/2 gallon organic soy milk, 2 Greek yogurts, 2 dozen eggs

Other: whole wheat tortillas, green pea crisps, 2 lb chia + flax peanut butter, 70% organic dark chocolate, 1 can organic chickpeas 


Total: $28.50 – Those eggs were a steal at 69 cents/dozen!

Dairy/Refrig: cottage cheese, garlic kale hummus, plain Greek yogurt

Other: organic coconut chia granola, everything pretzel slims, 85% dark chocolate, sponges, dish soap

Produce: bananas, 1 lb strawberries, mushrooms, 1 seedless cucumber, 3 zucchini


Total: $24.31 – (photo wouldn’t turn!) I don’t feel like I got as much food compared to the previous haul. With the yogurt being almost $4 and having to buy sponges and dish soap, it adds up quickly. That being said, the yogurt usually lasts me 2 weeks.

My budget is set really low, about $120-150/month. This doesn’t include most of my dinners or meals out. My boyfriend and I usually cook dinner together 2-3 nights a week and then eat out about 1-2 other nights. On the nights we don’t cook or eat out together, I usually have something simple like an egg scramble with toast or leftovers. Those are nights when I don’t get home from work until 8 pm, so simple is good! My breakfasts, lunches, and snacks vary, but are usually plant-based because it’s cheaper and a good way to load up on the nutrients!


6 Months Later…

Last time I blogged, it was November and I was telling you all about how much my life had changed in a year. Here I am 6 months later, doing the same thing. I guess 6 months is better than 12! I have the blog itch again and I think it’s because there is a lot going on in my life and brain currently. I’ve also been very hesitant to blog because I am not sure that I want to be judged based on my writing, my life, or my struggles. I decided to say “F-it” and write what I am feeling because I think it’s a great way for me to express myself and something to look back on down the road to see how I’ve grown. So, what’s been happening?

Today I just finished up my last exam for my last nursing prerequisite class, Microbiology. It felt SO GOOD to finish that class. This semester has been tough for a lot of reasons, but juggling two jobs and an online class wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I didn’t put as much effort into the class as I usually would, but my goal was just to pass so I could get into my nursing program. Of course, when I start nursing school in August, my number one priority will be school and not my job(s). This thought honestly terrifies me because I don’t like not having a steady income. Being a second-degree student isn’t going to be easy financially, so I’ve been trying to really hone in on my budget. I’ve thought about doing another grocery budget series on here because it will keep me accountable and it will keep me up to date on the blog! I think a lot of people could benefit, too.

Onto the topic of jobs…this week is my last week as a Patient Transporter because next week I will be starting a new position at a new hospital as a nursing assistant! I am so excited to start this new role, as it will prepare me for nursing school/clinical. I like to be one step ahead, so this is perfect. I am still doing personal training, but that will likely be put on the back burner once nursing school starts. I want to keep a couple of clients and maybe a shift at the hospital, but school will take most of my time. Thank goodness for school loans.

In my last post, I spoke about relationships and how I was in the dating game for a while, but happy with taking my time to find someone who really met my needs in a relationship. I don’t want to write too much, just out of confidentiality for the person, but I met someone (we will call him J) the day after Christmas and I couldn’t be more happy or satisfied as I am now. I honestly wasn’t thinking I would get into a relationship before or even during nursing school, but I am glad that I met J because he’s been a great addition to my life. I realized that when I was going through my dating period, I was trying to make relationships work that were taking away from my life and my true self. With J, I feel like I can be my truest self. We’ve already had some great adventures together, but there is more to come this year! This weekend we are going to Red River Gorge to hike and we will be staying in a cabin for my birthday. This is MUCH needed because we’ve both been very busy with work/school. It will also be nice to hit the reset/relax button before I transition into my new role at the hospital. In July, we will be going to Colorado for a week – camping and exploring with his friends. I am pumped! I’ve never been, but it’s been on my travel list and possibly a place I would like to move to. I can tell this is going to be a fun summer and it will all be here before I know it because time. flies. by. Jeez. How is it already May?!

Finally, there’s something else I wanted to touch on relating to body image/food/fitness, but I figure that should have it’s own post. I really do hope to get to it this week because it’s been on my mind a lot lately. For now, this update is a good way to clear my head so I can write fully about the other topic.

Lots of newness, lots of change – life is great.  Until next time!


Healthy Eating on a Budget: Week 4

After this post, I will be up to date on my HEB posts. I usually go grocery shopping on Thursdays or Fridays (just depends on when I run low on food). This week, I went on Thursday and only needed to stock up on a few things.

Dry Goods

IMG_1641  Bran Flakes cereal & 12 Grain bread 


IMG_1640 bananas, strawberries, frozen chopped spinach 


IMG_1639 1/2 gallon organic soy milk, part-skim ricotta cheese, coconut-vanilla greek yogurt, dozen eggs

The Total



IMG_1661 everything bagel w/ cream cheese & fried egg + cukes, red bell pepper & homemade red pepper hummus 

IMG_1658Saturday morning pancake breakfast w/ strawberries

IMG_1654 A frozen Asian noodle bowl my mom gave me that I doctored up with edamame for protein and avocado for healthy fats 

IMG_1653 snack of bran cereal, sunflower seeds, choc chips, banana & pb

IMG_1650 toast with basil aioli & fried egg + cucumbers, red bell pepper & hummus

IMG_1648  my early AM breakfast on M/W/F before work: breakfast cookie dough cereal topped with banana, strawberries, & chocolate chips  

IMG_1645 black beans, sweet potatoes, fried egg, avocado & salsa – such a quick, delicious, & cheap meal!